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Media Psychology


Media Psychology is a compulsory course corresponding to the first year of the bilingual Bachelor in Film, Television, and Media Studies. It is taught in English and in Spanish. The course provides the students with skills to learn and intervene over the psychophysical processes taking place in the body and mind of the spectator when he or she is confronted with the medium, whether cinema, television, advertising, virtual tours, video-games, or other forms of contemporary visual digital culture. The study and analysis of emotions in the spectatorial process is of paramount importance as well. The syllabus is structured according both to a historical bias, which takes into account the evolution of the media from the invention of the cinematographer to the Internet era, and a conceptual bias dividing the modules in three units. The first one is focused on the study of the ways in which the spectator’s subjectivity is articulated in the cinema of the early times, the classical cinema and the so-called cinema of attractions. In this section is central the study of cinematic identifications. The second unit aims at analyzing the way in which viewers create affect and emotions out of their spectatorial experience, paying special attention to three of the basic emotions (or their effects): laughter, melancholia, and horror. Finally, and closely linked to the first section, we study the spectatorial experience from a phenomenological point of view, paying special attention in this case to the variety of processes, both physical and psychical characterizing the spectatorship of the digital visual culture and the cinema of the real, paramount expressions of the contemporary media

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of this course, the contents are elaborated from readings and references coming from Psychology, (Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Psychology, Neurosciences), and from the Film Theory and History, as well as Semiology and Linguistics.

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